Our Service

Camelback Fire Protection LLC. provides the following Fire Sprinkler Services:

Fire sprinkler inspection

Main drain test

Work/test all valves

Test all tampers and flow switches

Test fire alarm/bell

Annual and quarterly fire sprinkler inspections, testing and certification

Fire sprinkler components

Fire sprinkler heads

Fire sprinkler head box and cabinets

Fire department connection parts

Leaky fire sprinkler heads and pipes

OS&Y, control valves

Corroded, damaged sprinkler heads and pipes

Replacement of recalled fire sprinkler heads

Riser repairs and replacement

Fire sprinkler repairs for commercial, residential, and industrial fire sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler head cages

Fire sprinkler gauges and valves

Fire sprinkler alarm bell repairs and replacement

Flow switch repair and replacement

Tamper switch repair and replacement

Loose or broken seismic braces or hangers

24 Hour emergency repairs

Replacement of loose or broken fire sprinkler pipes – steel, copper, C900, CPVC plastic (Orange Pipe) and ductile

Hydraulic calculation signs

Fire sprinkler wrenches