About Camelback Fire Protection LLC


Our mission at Camelback Fire Protection LLC is to provide our customer the highest quality fire protection systems on the market to prevent loss and protect lives and property. We maintain the industry leadership through professionalism and commitment.

Service You Can Count On

Skill and knowledge from years of dedicated work have helped us make sure that our clients are protected to the best of our ability.

Our Expertise

Every Visit Will Get The Best Service

This goal is achieved through the use of knowledgeable design, the top of the line materials, first class fabrication, timely installation and attentive project management. Since we are a service and installation company, our desire is to develop a long-term relationship with each customer. The result of meeting this goal is mutually beneficial for both: our customers and our employees.

Why Choose Us

We Are Committed To You

After evaluating a client’s needs, our design staff works closely to tailor a code approved sprinkler system. Our team has a long track record of saving client construction dollars. This experience provides a client with a cost-effective and safe system. Our staff of sales design engineers can price your project accurately and thoroughly. Our team of engineers attempts to cut costs while ensuring quality. Cost savings are passed on to the client on projects that are negotiated.